Day 3 - Social Wellbeing


Lesson 7

Challenge #3: Connect

Social wellbeing is the extent to which you feel a sense of belonging and social inclusion.

When you reflect on the most memorable times in your life, you’ll probably notice that they have something in common: another person was involved.

It’s easy to underestimate the impact of our closest relationships and social connections. We often take these for granted. But relationships shape our lives in powerful ways.

Relationships impact our expectations, desires, goals and emotions. When someone close to you is happy, you feel their happiness as your own. The same goes for sadness or pain.

Today’s challenge is to connect. Write a letter to a friend or family member. Meet someone new for coffee or lunch. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Post an uplifting message on someone’s Facebook page. Anything you like that involves connecting with another person.

How will you connect with someone today?

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Lesson 8

Achieving balance and greater wellbeing in our lives requires a lot of energy.

There are negative people in our lives – you know who they are – who are energy vampires. They drain us of the precious energy we need to grow and achieve, making relationships with these individuals toxic to our wellbeing.

To identify which relationships are draining you, make a list of all people you spend time with on a regular basis. Go through the list and put a minus sign (-) next to the people who are negative and toxic. Put a plus sign (+) next to the people who are positive and nurturing.

Now, here’s the real challenge: stop spending time with the people on the negative side of your list!

It may not be completely realistic to cut these people out of your life, especially if they are family or coworkers. But, you can try to spend less time with them.

If you practice the BE YOU Mental Model, you can try to overcome their negativity, but trust me on this one – you’ll be running through the model all damn day!

Think about strategies you can adopt to limit the time you spend with negative people. How can you approach this subject with family members? Coworkers? Friends?

Now, think about strategies you can adopt to spend more time with people who lift you up.

How might you add more of these positive people to your life?

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Lesson 9

Did you know the amount of time we spend socializing has an impact on our wellbeing?

Research suggests that to have a thriving day, we need six hours of social time.


Yep! Six hours of social time increases our wellbeing and minimizes stress and anxiety.

When we have almost no social time in a given day, we have an equal chance of having a good day or a bad day.

But, each hour of social time decreases our odds of having a bad day! Just 3 hours of social time reduces the chances of having a bad day to 10%.

I know this sounds like a lot, but think of social time as any interaction with another human being – time spent at work, at home, on the phone, talking to friends, sending emails, or communicating on social media.

Beyond the immediate benefits, the long-term benefits of social wellbeing can be even more profound. Studies show that people over 50 who were socially active experienced memory decline at half the rate of people with little to no social time.

Keep in mind that six hours is an average. You likely spend more time socializing on the weekends, which can average out the rest of your week.

What are all of the ways you accumulate social time?