You have moderate self-confidence; some days are easier than others. You're not afraid to try new things or learn new skills. Once you set a goal, you take consistent action to achieve it, but can sometimes be plagued by overwhelm. You're able to move past some failures, but you blame yourself for others. You know your value but have trouble communicating it to those around you. You wish you could overcome your self-doubt and feel less anxious.

You're confident at work most of the time, but you're not sure your employer values your strengths and talents. You know what you're good at and strive to give your best every day. You love attending meetings and conferences where you can learn something new, but you're not one to ask many questions. You thrive in supportive, nurturing environments where your coworkers are also your friends.

You're inspired by other confident women. You turn to them for advice, perspective and a little confidence boost. Your friends turn to you when they need support, reassurance and a shoulder to cry on. You tend to judge yourself against your friends, who you deem to be "more" than you (more successful, prettier, funnier, etc.). You can't help but compare your life to theirs and wish there was more.

You are confident in some situations and doubt yourself in others. You let fear, overwhelm and doubt get the best of you sometimes. You're comfortable in situations where you know your stuff. If it's unfamiliar or seems too difficult, you're not one to risk failure or rejection. You need help tapping in to the confidence you know is inside you but you just can't seem to bring out.

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