You have tremendous self-confidence! You boldly go where no woman has gone before. Once you set a goal, you take consistent, strategic action to achieve it, no matter what roadblocks stand in your way. You move easily past failures and see them as opportunities to be better than you are. You know your value and easily communicate it to those around you; and they all see you as the superstar you truly are!

You're confident at work because you know your employer values your strengths and talents. You feel appreciated and seen. You're the first to volunteer for a new assignment or committee, and you never turn down an opportunity to learn something new. You thrive in dynamic, fast-paced environments where you have an opportunity to insert your opinions, ideas and perspectives.

Your confidence inspires others. You're the go-to when it comes to helping friends overcome fear, work through problems or pick out a new dress. Your friends turn to you when they need someone to tell them like it is because you don't hold back. Your self-assurance means you don't judge or compete with your friends. Instead, you lift them up, encourage them and support their dreams.

The one thing that may be missing in your life is your purpose. You know you're meant for greater things, but you're not exactly sure what your one thing is. You feel led to make a difference in the world, so you're determined to find your calling, but you don't know where to start. 

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