Coaching Services

Every coaching session is tailored to your unique needs and goals. You set the agenda, you decide what goals and actions will serve you, and you steer the conversation. Remember, coaching is a partnership. As your coach, my job is to help you affirm and own your inner strengths and talents to become the best version of you. You have the power to create the life you want.


Wellbeing Coaching

If you feel like you need direction in your life, are finding it difficult to maintain work-life balance, or want to define your life's purpose, our Wellbeing Coaching services are for you.

Some common goals of Wellbeing Coaching include maintaining a wellness routine (exercise, nutrition, spirituality), improving work-life balance, overcoming social barriers, improving relationships with family and friends, determining your life's purpose, and replacing negative self-talk with positive thinking.


Job Search Coaching

If you want to change careers, update your resume, prepare for an upcoming interview or are re-entering the job market, our Job Search Coaching services are for you.

Some common goals of Job Search Coaching include crafting a resume that will stand out, enhancing interview skills, confidence in describing one's strengths and background, negotiating the salary/offer, and enhancing professionalism.


Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching is a specific form of both life and career coaching. It can be used separately or in tandem with another coaching process. We'll unearth your fears and doubts to unleash your power.

Some common goals of Confidence Coaching include improving public speaking skills, maintaining positive body image, getting into the dating game, negotiating a raise or promotion at work, pursuing a new hobby or skill, starting a new business venture, and seeking a new opportunity.


Strengths Discovery Coaching

If you want to understand what makes you unique, improve your job satisfaction and performance, or find a career or hobby that maximizes your natural talents and abilities, our Strengths Discovery Coaching services are for you.

Some common goals of Strengths Discovery Coaching include improving life satisfaction, finding a new hobby, career transition, discovering your life purpose, developing your personal leadership style, finding a career that matches your strengths, and overcoming perceived weaknesses.