Life as A Grain of Sand

There is so much out there in this world to see, yet I am laying in my bed. I can lay here, look out my window and mentally feel so small in this world. I am only a grain of sand in this life. Therefore at the end of the day does judgement from and towards others matter? 100 years from now no one will remember me. It won’t matter how I wore my hair or what size I was.

One or Two

So I could take this concept two ways. One, I could say fuck it. No matter what I do, it won’t matter down the road. Or two, I could leave my house every day with the mindset that I am going to enjoy life. Option two sounds a hell of a lot better.

No matter what happens 100 years from now, I should be able to enjoy the time I do have here. Live life with no regrets. Be the grain of sand that gets swept into the sea of adventure and see what the world has to offer.

It seems like it would be that easy. We have a whole planet we can explore but can’t get to. We should be able to pick up and go see what is out there. But, so many of us are stuck in the same house, same town, same state, driving the same car. While others are out smelling the roses in different cities and countries.

Find Your Beauty

How do they do it? I have no fucking clue. What is important is remembering that we don’t have to search far and wide to find beauty. If you can fix your mindset, your eyes will open. If you can take a moment to open your mind, you will see so much beauty in places and people you see every day. You just have to reinvent your daily routine.